Graffiti Near the Homeless Hostel

Sometimes I walked past a Salvation Army homeless hostel in Grønland. The people hanging outside were as vibrant as the streets. The hostel is now gone, hopefully just moved, only the graffiti art remains.

Table Tennis in Grünerløkka

Outdoor Third Spaces are very popular in the summertime in Oslo. Especially on Saturdays, this table tennis park in trendy Grünerløkka, Oslo, is full of activity with people from all over the community coming together to play.

Masks Above The Docks

At the docks in downtown Oslo, many old sailing ships moor. People are free to walk between them and admire the beautiful crafted wood and the lines and lines of rope.

Warm Wall

This wall is warm, really warm. On a cold day in autumn we were passing and saw the crawling plant still green and growing. On touching the wall our hands melted and it wasn’t long before we were leaning against it to have a quick warm up before moving onto a cafe. I think this wall is part of the new Oslo gallery, but can’t be sure – google maps hasn’t filled in the blank space yet.

Cobble Stones

You’ll find cobbles stone patches all over the city. Old Oslo Town does not want us to forget.


Mørkgonga is just a 45 minute drive out of Oslo. It is famous for it’s Gothic view with the cliffs framing the landscape below. To get to the top you have to hoist yourself through the cliff walls using a chain. Or you can take the long way around to another mountain and walk along the ridge.