Cobble Stones

You’ll find cobbles stone patches all over the city. Old Oslo Town does not want us to forget.


Mørkgonga is just a 45 minute drive out of Oslo. It is famous for it’s Gothic view with the cliffs framing the landscape below. To get to the top you have to hoist yourself through the cliff walls using a chain. Or you can take the long way around to another mountain and walk along the ridge.

New Graffiti in Grønland

Newly painted. I’d say it will take a few years before it reaches my tastes. I prefer weathered Graffiti… the stuff that has stood the test of time. But I guess all graffiti must have a beginning!

St Hanshaugen Park in Summer

This isn’t as such a traditional park, I’d say, as it is an outdoor bar and concert park. During the long light of summer, the park is alive with social activity into the late night. The grassy green hill has good views towards the Oslo fjord, which makes for a spectacular sunset.

Frogner Park Fountain

This fountain is one of the key structures in Frogner Park in Oslo. It seems a little odd – out of place – with its thick stone images and giant sizing. It looks like a scene from Italy rather than Norway.

Golden Plaques

Here and there on the sidewalks of Oslo you will find little metal plaques. The are a remembrance of the people who were taken from their homes by the Nazis during WWII.

Norwegian Books in English

A few Norwegian books each year are translated into English. Here are just some of the titles that can be found on bookstore selves in Oslo.

Farmor’s Pepperkaker

Farmor doesn’t use recipes so it is mighty hard to get any kind of standard from her. For her pepperkaker recipe, she gave me a little sheet of paper with primitive-Norwegian writing (Farmor is actually from the Swedish part of Finland) with a simple method:

Advent Song

Advent Season is the Christian “countdown” in celebration of Christmas day. Starting on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, a candle is lit and a hymn or poem is cited. On the following Sunday two candles are lit and so on, until the Sunday before Christmas.

Arctic Cathedral

The Arctic Cathedral is a landmark in Tromsø standing at the end of the bridge on the mainland. Its ‘Cathedral’ status is only a nickname, as it is actually a parish church of the Church of Noway. The architecture is quite unique and there is some debate whether it looks like an iceberg, a Sami lavvu or a fish-drying rack.

Smorstabb Glacier

Traveling over the misty mountains in Oppland, the blue glacier was quiet and unassuming, but still hard to miss.

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Lom Stave Church

Lom is a bustling little tourist town with lots of things to see within walking distance. It was surprising to have everything open on a...

Senja Fjord

Senja Island and many great views. Even when the weather is moody, the majesty of the mountains are awe-inspiring.

Lavvu Fire

Waiting for the king crab to be briskly cooked over the wood-fire in the lavvu.