Seven Sorts refers to the seven traditional Norwegian Christmas cakes and cookies. However, there is a dispute about which seven are the original traditional cookies. There is actually over twenty to choose from. Below is ten of the most popular Seven Sorts:


Pepperkaker (gingerbread)
Gingerbread is cookie made of dried ginger, syrup and spice. The cookies are often decorated with icing and candy. In Norway it is used to make gingerbread houses and Christmas Tree decorations.
Pepperkaker Recipe

Ingefærnøtter (Ginger nuts)
This cookie is similar to a gingerbread. They are shaped into little balls and baked until hard – just like nuts.
Ingefærnøtter recipe

Fattigmann (Poor Man)
These cookies are made with cream and brandy, rolled and then deep fried. This is an old recipe that dates back more than 100 years.
Fattigmann Recipe

Krumkaker (Curved Cake)
This is a waffle cookie, cooked in a special griddle and then rolled into a cone shape. They are normally filled with whipped cream. These waffles cookies are nearly the same as waffle cones for ice cream – just smaller.
Krumkaker Recipe

Kokosmakroner (Coconut Macaroons)
Meringue and coconut cookies which are usually chewy when fresh.
Kokosmakroner Recipe

These cookies are similar to the Fattigmann cookies but are cooked in a special griddle with a floral stamp. The cookies turn out rectangular and very flat with a floral design cooked into them.
Goro Recipe

This is a very soft cookie, more like a pancake, made with sour milk and can be cooked on a hot plate or in the oven. It is normally made into a sandwich filled with butter, sugar and cinnomon.
Tykklefser Recipe

Hjortetakk (Deer Antlers)
Similar to Lefser, Deer Antlers is named after the raising agent hartshorn salt, also called ammonium carbonate. It does make the kitchen smell of ammonia while they bake but the cookies turn out delicious.
Hjortetakk Recipe

Sandkake (Sand Cakes)
Sand cakes are a simple short cake that is baked in little flat molds. They are sometimes filled with jam or jelly and cream.
Sandkake Recipe

Sirupsnipper (Syrup Snaps)
These are similar to gingerbread but with more sugar to make them sweeter and very crunchy. The are dimond shaped and usually decorated with a peeled almond.
Sirupsnipper Recipe