• Warm Wall

    This wall is warm, really warm. On a cold day in autumn we were passing and saw the crawling plant still green and growing. On touching the wall our hands melted and it wasn’t long before we were leaning against it to have a quick warm up before moving onto a cafe. I think this wall is part of the new Oslo gallery, but can’t be sure – google maps hasn’t filled in the blank space yet.

  • Alta Canyon

    This canyon just so happens to b the biggest in Europe!


  • Smorstabb Glacier

    Traveling over the misty mountains in Oppland, the blue glacier was quiet and unassuming, but still hard to miss.

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  • Lom Stave Church

    Lom is a bustling little tourist town with lots of things to see within walking distance. It was surprising to have everything open on a...

  • Senja Fjord

    Senja Island and many great views. Even when the weather is moody, the majesty of the mountains are awe-inspiring.