• Red Currents

    Red currents growing in a backyard in Tønsberg.

  • Sunset At The End Of The Docks

    At the end of the docks at Aker Brygge in Oslo sits a gallery surrounded by restaurants. Between the glass buildings is a view of the fjord. That is always where I’m heading!

  • Yellow Fortress

    The Aker Brygge docks face the Akershus Fortress. The diners on the cold side of the wharf do not see the sunset, but its reflection on the stone walls of the building across the water.

  • Sidewalk Of Karl Johans in Oslo

    Karl Johans gate is the street that runs from Oslo station through the centre of the city right up to the Royal Palace. It is rare to find it as vacant, but in these times it is wise to expect the unexpected.

  • Favourite Retro Street Art

    Below Akershus Fortress along the docks there are various sculptures and street art works. This is one of my favourites – a poster-style formate, it resembles a retro magazine cover.

  • Masks Above The Docks

    At the docks in downtown Oslo, many old sailing ships moor. People are free to walk between them and admire the beautiful crafted wood and the lines and lines of rope.