• Arctic Cathedral

    The Arctic Cathedral is a landmark in Tromsø standing at the end of the bridge on the mainland. Its ‘Cathedral’ status is only a nickname, as it is actually a parish church of the Church of Noway. The architecture is quite unique and there is some debate whether it looks like an iceberg, a Sami lavvu or a fish-drying rack.

  • Sledding

    If you’re from a country that doesn’t get snow, then visiting Noway in the winter is an amazing experience. Just being in the snow gives hours of entertainment – feeling it, throwing it, catching snowflakes on your tongue, listening to the crunch under your boots… Norway is a winter play land.

  • King Crab Safari

    The red king crab is a giant crustacean native to the Alaskan coast and the Bering sea. They can grow up to two metres from claw-to-claw. Fleshy and tasty, they are considered a delicacy by many, especially in Asian countries.

  • Straumen Gård

    Traditional houses are scattered throughout Norway. Some are still lived in, some have been turned into open-air heritage museums, and others have been left to survive on their own.

  • Tyholt Tower in Trondheim

    The Tyholt Tower is the second biggest tourist attraction in Trondheim behind Nidaros Cathedral. It is a telecommunications tower and stands 120 metres high overlooking Trondheim city.

  • Byneset Church

    To the west of Trondheim, on the Byneset peninsula is a little farming village. Towards the water in a beautiful pocket of leafy oak trees is the Byneset Church.