• The Norwegian Confirmation

    Confirmations were important for entrance into adult life.  One had to have their confirmation to be able to work or get married.

  • Polar Bear Tombstone

    I never thought a tombstone would make me smile and say ‘how cute!’ But you just can’t help yourself when you see one like this. It is even in 3D. I think it is a wonderful idea to have something such as this carved on your tombstone that represents your life. A site like this would be a joy to visit.

  • Skoleboller

    Skoleboller (school buns) are boller with a custard centre and an iced coconut topping.  They are as generic as the original boller in Norway.  Every...

  • Starting Fires

    It has always frighten me how quick Norwegians are to light fires.  Without a thought, restaurants light candles, shops light welcome lights and buljong sellers (sellers of the traditional Sami broth) light fires in the street, in car parks and on market squares to warm up their broth.  Fires are lit on the beach, in the bush, in the snow, on ice and in swamps.  Fire is an everyday thing in Norway, especially in Winter.

  • Leaf Beef

    Løvbiff is exactly that - a beef patty squished flat as a pancake it looks like a leaf.  It is considered roadhouse or take away  food and can also be bought...

  • Finally! Permanent Residence!

    When you are in between countries you are in limbo.  You can only live year by year as that is all you are approved to do until you get a permanent residency permit.  After three years on a temporary residency permit I have finally been upgraded to permanent.