• Norwegian Books in English

    A few Norwegian books each year are translated into English. Here are just some of the titles that can be found on bookstore selves in Oslo.

  • One Kvaløya Sunset

    As a photographer in your hometown, you have your favourite spots to take the perfect photographs. You know when to go, what equipment you need according to the...

  • 12th Man – Movie Trailer

    Trailer for the Norwegian WW2 drama “Den 12. Mann” (12th Man), which will open in theaters on Christmas Day 2017.

  • Birkebeinerne – First Trailer

    The first official trailer for the highly anticipated Norwegian film “Birkebeinerne” has been released. Watch the trailer with English caption here.

  • Norway is a pain in the neck – literally!

    Alas, fashion is pain. Women apparently report more neck pain, and have to take more sick days off from work because of it – no wonder, with all the scarf material hanging around their necks for six months of the year.

  • Snøfnugg

    We are performing to Frost for our juleforestilling and the kids are snøfnugg.