• Graffiti Near the Homeless Hostel

    Sometimes I walked past a Salvation Army homeless hostel in Grønland. The people hanging outside were as vibrant as the streets. The hostel is now gone, hopefully just moved, only the graffiti art remains.

  • Table Tennis in Grünerløkka

    Outdoor Third Spaces are very popular in the summertime in Oslo. Especially on Saturdays, this table tennis park in trendy Grünerløkka, Oslo, is full of activity with people from all over the community coming together to play.

  • Cobble Stones

    You’ll find cobbles stone patches all over the city. Old Oslo Town does not want us to forget.

  • New Graffiti in Grønland

    Newly painted. I’d say it will take a few years before it reaches my tastes. I prefer weathered Graffiti… the stuff that has stood the test of time. But I guess all graffiti must have a beginning!

  • St Hanshaugen Park in Summer

    This isn’t as such a traditional park, I’d say, as it is an outdoor bar and concert park. During the long light of summer, the park is alive with social activity into the late night. The grassy green hill has good views towards the Oslo fjord, which makes for a spectacular sunset.

  • Golden Plaques

    Here and there on the sidewalks of Oslo you will find little metal plaques. The are a remembrance of the people who were taken from their homes by the Nazis during WWII.