• Red Currents

    Red currents growing in a backyard in Tønsberg.

  • Trolls

    Trolls in Norway are small, magical creatures that live in hiding. There are some in the barn, some in the trees and some in the mountains. They are tricksters and like to play games on the humans that live close by. On Christmas Day it is custom to leave out a bowl of grøt and some beer for the barn elf so he will continue to keep an eye on the animals and not play tricks on you, such as hiding your slippers.

  • Broken Angel at Aker Brygge

    In early November the afternoon sun is low in the sky in Oslo. It is a beautiful time to walk around the city and see all the statues in a new light. This one has always drawn me in… I can’t help but stop to admire the work every time I’m walking along the docks.

  • Store Front on Øvre Slottsgate

    Wandering the streets in Oslo, sometimes you come across a store front that is right out of a story book. This high street bric-a-brac store was all dressed for Autumn in November.

  • Sunset At The End Of The Docks

    At the end of the docks at Aker Brygge in Oslo sits a gallery surrounded by restaurants. Between the glass buildings is a view of the fjord. That is always where I’m heading!

  • The Opera House from Across the Dock

    This is a usual image of Oslo. I have always thought this view to be cold and distant. It has a beak futuristic tone, which you see in many Hollywood movies set in Europe. Tennet was filmed here and the opera house is part of the artistic poster for the film. But, when you view the house from the other way you see the fjord and beautiful sun sets.