My Little Norway is about my big adventures in the Kingdom of the North. Welcome!

I’m L-Jay, the creator of My Little Norway. An Aussie, I have lived in Norway for the past fifteen years – Oslo, Harstad, Tromsø, Alta – and have just returned to the capital. I continue to travel all over the country, but the far north, above the Arctic Circle, where I get to experience the Aurora Borealis and the Midnight Sun, is my spiritual home.

My favourite activities in Norway are dog sledding, picking blue berries, fatbiking in the snow, and taking photographs of Norway’s majestic landscapes. You can usually find me hanging out at a trendy cafe in Oslo city, hiking one of the top peaks on the coast in the summertime, or enjoying the winter wonderland of the Arctic.

Early in my photography practice I quickly realised you didn’t need myriads of filters and fang-dangle lenses, flashes and reflectors, hundreds of settings or photoshop effects to take magical photos of Norway – all you need is nature and the amazing light the northern sun provides. It has always been my goal to give you honest and simple photography so you can experience Norway in its raw beauty. Most of the photos on this blog have been taken by yours truly. A few have been given to me, where credited, and some are from free-use sites. All content on this site is copyright protected.

My Little Norway began with its first post, The Artic Circle Rocks, on the 10th of August 2008! This site started out as a photography blog, which then expanded to writings and videos as readers became curious about life in Norway. I produce original content from my personal experiences, knowledge, readings and research. At the moment, the site is transitioning to accommodate a new theme. As such, most of the content has been unpublished to be upgraded to the new format. Sorry for any inconvenience. If you are looking for one of my recipes, I will be getting around to republishing as soon as I can.

As I’m a small, part-time blogger, it is best to connect with me through social media