Traditionally, with each lighting of the candle, the Advent Song is sung.

Advent season features the colour purple, as purple symbolises anticipation and preparation. Traditionally, four purple candles are used to represent each Sunday, however, it is now common to have white candles, or even red. Candles are typically set in a table candelabra, either in a circle or a row, and placed on a table or in a window.

During this season it is also common to highlight the house with purple decorations such as cushions, linen, ornaments and plates.

A more recent tradition is the Advent or Christmas calendar. The calendars start a countdown from the 1st of December to the 24th. Every day a surprise of goodies, toys or special messages, awaits. Advent calendars are usually wall hangings with pockets, however, there are also many modern varieties such as matchboxes with draws, a string of mini stockings dressing windows or a mini hanging clothesline with pegs.  A most recent addition is a string of gingerbread, each cookie with the number of the day, to be eaten.

A more traditional Advent calendar is made with an orange and cloves. 24 cloves are spiked into the orange, which makes a yummy Christmasy smell. Each day a clove is taken out and when there are none left, you’ll know tomorrow is Christmas Day. These calendars are popular in Norway as they have a rustic feel and are perfect to rest in table wreaths, to put on the dining table, or with Christmas platters.

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