As a photographer in your hometown, you have your favourite spots to take the perfect photographs. You know when to go, what equipment you need according to the weather and light, and you even have your favourite camera settings that bring out the best in the landscape.

Ten years ago as a beginner photographer, I had no clue what I was doing. One clear-sky afternoon in Tromsø, I decided to go out somewhere to take pictures of the sunset. With a brand new camera I barely knew how to work, baby in-tow, I set off towards the water in hope of capturing something half-decent.

Some might think I got lucky with these pictures, but no, I had help–the natural beauty of the Norwegian landscape. Early in my photography practice I quickly realised that you did’t need amazing filters and fang-dangle lenses and flashes and hundreds of settings to choose from to take a magical photo of Norway. All I needed was nature and the north’s amazing natural light. The experience greatly influenced my philosophy of this photo blog–to keep everything real, authentic and raw.

As it’s the blog’s ten year anniversary this month, I’ve decided to give it a makeover. It means I’m replacing all the photos with their larger, better-quality versions (as the internet can handle them now–haha!) , and also updating a lot of the information in blog articles. This will take some time, of course–I have over 1000 posts! But rather than waiting for all the work to be done, I thought I’d release the new version of the blog so you can visit some of the older posts that have been a part of the journey of me falling in love with Norway.

So, I hope you enjoy the raw version of the first sunset I ever photographed in Norway.

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