HackIt – Kitchen Gift
This is a Norwegian kitchen tool designed to make separating mince meat easier.  In Norway most mince meat is bought in a factory-packed block, some frozen and others defrosted before selling.  Vegard Ertvaag thought to make life a little easier for his mum and designed the mashing tool as a faster way to seperate the meat (rather than using a fork and a lot of elbow grease).  It can work as an all-round masher, mashing up potato, fruits and herbs, but it is so good it can overdo it.  It has been on the market for a couple of years in Norway, and is so common now you can buy it at the supermarket.

hackit-2 hackit-1


Voksi – a designer gift for babies and children
A voksi is a baby sleeping bag that is adjustable and ‘grows’ with the baby.  It is designed for cold weather environments as it is lined with wool and has very good insulation.  You can use it on the floor, in prams and as a portable carrier or bed.  It can fold out to make a comfy floor mat.  Norwegian designed and owned, the voksi is a household name.



Gabrielle Leithaug CD – Electro-pop Music
Not many Norwegians sing in Norwegian because of ‘commercibility’ but Gabrielle not only sings in a language that is tough to rhyme, but even in her own dialect.  She is from Bergen so she has a slight hock in her tones because of an old German influence that dates back to the Viking days when Bergen was a trading post for the Germanic peoples.  She is very popular and always has a hit on the radio.



Reisen til julestjernen – Christmas Film
The original film, Journey to the Christmas Star, is shown on Norwegian TV every Christmas.  It has that old 1960’s classic fairytale feel in which the character’s are more important than the storyline.  They made a remake (sponsored by Disney) a couple of years back but it has lost the charm of the original.  Another film that is iconic at Christmas in Norway is actually a Czech film called Tre nøtter til Askepott – (Three Nuts for Cinderella).

Journey to the Christmas Star (2012)

christmas-star-2 Christmas-star-3

Journey to the Christmas Star (1976)

old-christmas-star-3 old-christmas-star2 old-christmas-star


Willow Flute – Seljefløte
The flute is a traditional wooden tube flute made out of willow tree.  Plastic versions are available.  The flute is played by the end hole with half, whole or open fingering.  The website link below makes traditional flutes out of wood, but you would need to check with your countries customs before importing.  There are pictures and sound files of typical Norwegian flutes on the website below.



Dale of Norway – Woolen Clothing
This is a Norwegian clothing company that has gone international.  These clothes seem like an exclusive item, but believe me, Norwegians do wear these clothes every day, even for work.  They are very traditional among fishermen and outdoor workers.  The quality is very good and the designs are a merge of modern and traditional and generally feature the iconic Norwegian snowflake design.




Clec – Shoehorn Invention
A clec is a wall mount for tying shoe laces and doubles as a shoehorn holder.  This was invented by an Altaværing (a person from Alta) who had chronic back pain and found it hard to bend over all the time to tie his shoes.  The clec has been wildly sucessful in Norway and now they are going international.



Svein Solem – Artist
Svein Solem is a Norwegian painter and illustrator who lives in Lillehammer.  He has done many notable commissioned work including art for the famous NRK production of Blåfjell.  His website is in Norwegian but it displays a small collection of his work.  His work can also be found in craft and specialty stores in Norway.

Svein-artists-2 Svein-artist


Joachim Barrum – Artist
Another Norwegian artist to watch out for is Joachim Barrum.  He has done a number of pieces for modern films in Norway.  He does a lot of character drawings but his Norwegian fantasy landscape works bring warmth to the heart.

joachim-3 Joachim-2 joachim-1


Cappelendamm – Publishing Company
This is a Norwegian publishing company, which has most of the lastest Norwegian language books on the market.  This is also a good place to buy language learning books and books for school children.  They also have Nisse – Den Norske nissens forunderlige liv og historie (Christmas elf – The norwegian Christmas elf’s wonderful life and story) by Frid Ingulstad.


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