Sommarøy is linked by bridges, which provides great opportunities to take birds-eye pictures over the waters. The vista is dotted with small islands with mossy grassland and the colours in the sky and the sand beds change the tint of the waters from aqua blues to warm greys.

To the west are the blue mountains of Senja, to the east the mountains of Kvaløya and in the northern waters is the cliff island, Håja.

If you are looking for an ocean adventure then Sommarøy has arctic sea cruises and whale safaris, sea rafting, deep-sea fishing and boating. They also have camping by the shore with caravan patios and a miniature farm for the kids.

A popular activity at the hotel is ice bathing–relaxing in the spa then jumping in the cold ocean–in summer or winter! Apparently it is very invigorating but I am yet to try it. As the town song goes: “We heat the tub with Russian timber, so no trouble with the winter storm. At home you may be used to bubbles, but here you have to make your own…”

It is a nice one-hour drive out to Sommarøy around Kvaløya from Tromsø. There are two ways you can go–the low road (south) which is better for campervans and tourists. This road takes you past ancient rock carvings, Straumen Gård Museum with 18th Century timber houses, and the worlds northernmost rhubarb winery. Or you can take the smaller, winding high road (north) along Kvaløya’s fjords and fishing villages. If you are coming from Senja you can go by car ferry through the islands.

Sommarøy is perfect in the summer where you can enjoy endless sunshine with the Midnight Sun. The island also boasts spectacular Northern Light displays but you have to brave the ice and snow if you want a sighting as Aurora only comes out for the winter. Why not relax in a hot tub while you marvel at the rivers of Northern Lights.

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