Our pine cones are quite small even though the trees are still very tall.  This is because of the climate.  Being so cold things don’t have a lot of time to grow big.  So when you see a short tree in Norway it is likely to be very old.  In fact, the higher you go in Norway the shorter the trees get.  At Northcape there are no trees at all.

This year on our cone picking we got to see a birds-eye view of a magpie’s nest.  A big gully is being created on the land because of runoff and several trees have fallen to the ground still growing.  It is a problem that we will have to deal with but not until summer.  Meanwhile, we quite enjoy having a look inside the nest.  It is on the highest branches, about 50cm long, very hard, made with bits and pieces of trees, dirt and I’m guessing bird saliva to stick it all together.

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