On page 362 of Hanna Winsnes’ cook book:

Brown cookies no.1
Two pounds of syrup and one pound of powdered sugar is put on the fire with half a pound of clarified butter. When it boils add bit by bit six marks of flour, that are compacted well. Two lots of prepared pot-ash (baking powder) is mixed in the dough when it has turned lukewarm, also a handful of crushed pepper and one half of ginger. The dough is left for next day in a warm place, after which it is rolled, but not too thinly, and cut into cookies with a spur. On each cookie put a scolded almond. Put in the oven after the brown bread has been taken out.

Brown cookies no.2
The dough is made similar to the previous, only instead of pepper and ginger take two lots of cloves and two lots of cinnamon, both finely ground, a couple of handfuls of finely cut pommeranz or lemon zest and one pound of finely chopped almonds.

Cook like the previous, only without almonds on top.

Read about Hanna Winsnes and the First Norwegian Cook Book.

A ‘mark’ is an old German measurement – six marks equals 1.7kg

A ‘spur’ is similar to a pasta cutter for ravioli

A pommeranz is a bitter orange-like fruit from Asia called bitter orange in English. In 1902 the pommeranz and the mandarin was crossed thus creating the clementine – a Christmas fruit in Norway

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