55 Christmas Balls to Knit aka Julekuler – Arne & Carlos
Their book, Julekuler (55 Christmas Balls to Knit) was published in Norway in the beginning of October last year, and is now in its fourth print run with a total of 37,000 copies! Julekuler was also on the bestseller list in Norway from the beginning of October 2010 to the middle of January 2011, and is now sold to Finland, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and USA. The book is original and traditional at the same time – introducing an easy way to knit 55 Christmas balls designed by Arne & Carlos.

The American version of the book is now available on www.trafalgarbooks.com.

Sando – Bunad Jewllery
Jørgen Sando is a goldsmith of Norwegian tradition. Since 1901, three generations of the Sando family have made specialty jewelery for Norwegian bunads. Their focus has been on knowledge, quality and service. They take pride in their product and know that their work is important to Norwegian tradition. The family has certainly been instrumental in preserving the design and symbols of Norwegian heritage.
The Bunad with molded wool, embroidered cuffs and silver stitching is still not complete without its silverwork. Handmade cuff-links, decorative brooches, belts and keys all add important stories to the bunad, completing the tradition.

The business is small and family owned but they still ship internationally. My Little Norway met Jørgen and did a post about his goldsmith heritage and work.

AC Jewelry Design
Arts & Crafts is a Norwegian jewellery company founded in 1984 after the two designers had met on an adventurous trip through Asia back in the late 70ies. Two creative young people, she from Norway and he from Holland, joined forces in an effort never to let the journey end. They started to make high quality fashion jewellery which today is becoming a success world wide. The jewellery is originally designed in Norway and is a fusion of Scandinavian simplicity and international fashion trends.

AC jewlery has stores in China, Canada, Uk, France, Germany and many other places except the US. You can call them to find out where your nearest store is on their international enquires line found on the About Us page.

Norskmat – for nordmenn i utlandet (in Norwegian)
norskmat.com is a grocery store on internet.
They have customers from Norway that live abroad and other friends of Norway.
They offer high quality products in many categories such as typical Norwegian food, gifts and souveniers.

Bergens of Norway
Bergens have a long history in Norway first selling a world famous rucksack. They now sell mostly outdoor material products such as clothing, rucksacks, tents, sleeping bags and ally canoes as well as survival equipment. They have stores all over the world including the US, UK, Canada, China and most of Europe.

Dale of Norway
Dale of Norway was founded by Peter Jebsen in 1879, and has produced high-quality knitwear and technical premium outerwear since the start. We take pride in being one of the the largest and most sophisticated manufacturers of classic and innovative apparel. Our production facilities are located in the village of Dale, about 40 minutes outside of Bergen, where third and fourth generation knitters and craftsmen produce our wide range of beautiful and practical designs. Dale of Norway’s products are available through a worldwide network of better retailers — and is found in authorized online retail shops.

Nemi – comic strip
Nemi is a strip by Norwegian comics creator Lise Myhre, born November 1, 1975. Nemi first saw the light of day in 1997 in Norwegian comic book Larsons Gale Verden (The Mad World of Larson); a monthly comics’ anthology headlined by Gary Larson’s Far Side panels.

Many countries have adopted (or made their own variations of) an ongoing annual Norwegian hard cover book series, collecting chronologically all and everything conceived in the Nemi universe. Book 7 in the series is published in August 2011. By summer 2011 there were Nemi book collections being published in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Bulgary and England/USA. The strip is syndicated by approximately 150 newspapers and websites. (Although none yet in the US, where mainstream media seem to have a problem with Nemi’s rebellious attitude, and/or adult language.)

Nemi is one of Norway’s most popular comic titles, and has been one of the forerunners in what many considers to be a golden age of comics here, both in daily strips and in more arty/underground idioms. Nemi is also one of the main reasons no one in these parts seem to think a female comics creator is a strange concoction anymore.

Nemi can be bought in English at Amazon.

We hope this helps – god jul!

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