I usually travel to Oslo at this time of year to pick up Christmas gifts.  Here are some city street pictures to brighten your day.

The Hoved Theatre.  Norwegians love a ‘revue’ and Christmas pantomimes are popular with families.

A flower boutique with wicker wares and ornaments.

Karl Johans gate – the walking street in the centre of the city.

This year the Oslo Christmas market was on Karl Johans gate (it has moved from the City Hall).  Here you can buy Sami gifts such as reindeer skins and drums, have a moose burger or find trinkets.  (This year I bought a primstav for myself.)  The Sami lavuu has an open fire where you can rest your shoppers-feet.

The parliament, National Theatre and Palace all stand in a row along Karl Johans gate and each building displays Christmas trees on their balconies.

The Christiana side of Oslo centre has a slightly different feel.  Most of Oslo was burned down around 1620 in a big fire and so the king of Denmark (and Norway) rebuilt the city closer to the fortress and it was called Kristiana in his honour.  It was only in 1925 that the city reclaimed its old name Oslo.

The dock near the Town Hall.  This area is filled with restaurants and cafes.  Albertines has a good reputation but you can also find T.G Fridays, Peppes Pizza and MacDonalds.  And there also is some (expensive) shopping there too.

The Riktige Leker is a wonderful toy store.  It has many handmade wooden and classical toys.  This is my favourite toy store in Norway and I always visit it every time I go to Oslo.

The palace roof is under renovation but it still looks lovely in the cityscape.

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