A nostalgic fashion sense, the old country style, has now brought in organic textures and patterns to the modern Norwegian Christmas. Different shades of brown and grey, ornaments made of felt and straw, and the bringing in of the natural designs of winter such as pinecones, bark and birch tree branches. Gentle contrasting colours with clean, simple Scandinavian patterns now decorate Norwegian homes. Twigs and branches are used for dry-vases, wreaths and tree decorations. As trend-expert Linda Maier said: ‘the Norwegian Christmas is now less pretentious’.

The new Norwegian Christmas fashion is about the gentle blending of the old with the new. This Christmas is designed for nostalgic memories. Informal tables, more cosy and intimate than before, bring the family together at this special time. Handmade crafts with rough natural materials and rustic patterns next to high quality crystal and porcelain give a feeling of ‘discreet luxury’. Images of reindeers and angels are still popular as well as long love hearts, but it is the delicate embroidery and folk patterns that complete this years Norwegian Christmas atmosphere.

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