You can read more about the Advent Season, view a video of the Lighting of the Christmas Tree in Tromsø, see pictures of a Christmas tree being flown in via helicopter, read about Advent candles and decorations in Norway from our Norwegian Christmas pages and learn the Advent song sung at the lighting of the Advent candles.

By Advent Sunday many Norwegians have brought out their dark season lights to set in the windows.  These can be simple hanging triangle lamps or fancy ornaments such as Christmas stars or seven-stick candelabras.  It is not typical for Norwegians to put Christmas lights on their house, maybe a strip of lights on the balcony, however, it is popular to light up a front yard tree with fairy lights.  White lights are the favoured choice as they reflect the more traditional candles that used to light the tree, however, coloured lights are becoming popular.

A Norwegian Christmas:
Lighting your own outdoor tree is a great way to put a little Norway into your Christmas.  And because it’s the season, why not get the family together, hold hands and sing your favourite Christmas songs as you circle around the tree.  I’m sure the neighbours will be endeared!

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