At around 15.20 today (local time) a bomb went off in a busy city square outside government offices in the heart of Oslo.  So far there are two reported causalities but more are expected.  It seems to have been a car bomb as there have been reports of a van in the area and now it is not there.  There is severe damage to several buildings in the area.  Oslo airports are sealed.  A press conference at the sight is currently being held.  Everyone in Oslo is asked not to use mobile phones and to stay home.

UPDATE – 19.00:

There are still 2 confirmed dead and 15 injured.  People are still trapped inside buildings and offices.  Experts think that it is an ‘islamistic’ attack.  Police and emergency crews are now focused on the shootings at Utøya, west of Oslo.  Go to Shooter Rampage post for more details on this news.

UPDATE – 20.00:

At least 7 are confirmed dead from the Oslo bombing.  It is now confirmed that the authorities believe that the bombing and shootings are connected.  They now report that they fear there is another bomb at Utøya, the island where the Labour Youth Convention was held and the shootings took place.

UPDATE – 20.50

No new information has been provided about the Oslo bombing.  The police have not yet secured the area.  Focus is on Utøya and the shooting.  According to rescue personnel there are several dead bodies on the site but they cannot enter until the armed forces bomb-squad has cleared the area.  It is still unknown how many people are injured.  It is reported that the gunman in the police uniform said to the convention youth ‘Come here’ and then ‘down right executed them’, witnesses report.  The gunman also supposedly said ‘This is just the beginning’.

VIDEO from NRK – Areal shot of Utøya. The Special Forces storm the island. The police surround youth (sitting down) to protect them as they all take cover behind a van before the gunman is captured. Two more youth run to join them. (The video may take a little time to load.):

UPDATE – 21.36

Witnesses say there was more than one shooter which explains the spread of dead bodies over such a large area.  This is yet to be confirmed.  So far there are ten people confirmed dead from the Utøya shooting.

An Islamic terrorist group has claimed the bombing.  On Twitter the group made statements gathered by Evan Kolhmann:

UPDATE – 00.00

The Norwegian Prime minister and Minister of justice answered questions from the press at a press conference.

It is confirmed that the gunman is believed to be involved in both attacks in Norway.  He is a 32 year old white Norwegian.  As yet there is no information as to motive.  However, the arrested man is answering questions by the police.  The attack has all the elements of a terrorist attack, however, no evidence has been presented yet.  The Norwegian Prime minister, when questioned about a terrorist group claiming responsibility, said that often there are those who claim responsibility without being responsible.  It is still unclear if there were more people involved in the attacks.  Police are searching through the gunman’s house.  National border crossings are being controlled.

The police have found undetonated explosives on the Utøya island.  A bomb squad is on site.

There are 7 confirmed dead and 10 injured from the Oslo bombing.  There are at least 10 dead from the youth convention at Utøya, but it is feared that the number will climb as many are missing and more bodies are being found.

There are many accounts of Norwegians jumping in their boats to the island to help the youth, picking up swimmers in the water.  One Norwegian boatman made it to the island and to his horror saw lifeless figures lining the shore.  A crisis camp was immediately set up on the main land.  Tourists gave up their sleeping bags and clothes to the youth who swam to shore.

One young man reported that he ran for his life reaching the water.  He jumped in and while swimming he could feel bullets zooming past his ears.  While swimming for his life he saw a girl swimming next to him get shot in the head.

The Prime minister issued a message to those responsible for the attacks:

You will not destroy us,
You will not destroy our democracy,
And our efforts for a better world.
You will not bomb us to silence,
You will not shoot us to silence,
You will not scare us from being Norway.

UPDATE – 23 July 2011 – 02.00

Independent sources have revealed the name of the gunman as Anders Behring Breivik.  After a raid on his apartment in Oslo, information about him has been revealed.  Breivik has lived in West Oslo, (the rich side of town) all his life, however, just in the last month he had moved to Rena, Hedmark, over an hour north of Oslo.  Brievik is known to be openly opinionated about his political views, writing comments on online forums.  He is described as a far Right Extremist and fights for ‘Nationalism not Internationalism’.  He comes across as an educated person, however, there is not evidence of this.

Independent sources are scrambling to find information on the notorious Norwegian, searching the regular online information resources, including facebook, but what is scary is that Brievik, after only an hour of his home being raided, already has got a Wikipedia profile:

UPDATE – 09.00

This morning the police confirmed that the death toll at Utøya had climbed substantially. So far 84 people are confirmed dead from the shooting and there is fear that this number will go up further. Rescue personnel with dogs have searched the island and the surrounding water through the night.

The Prime Minister says that all public buildings will fly the flag at half mast today, and other people are also encouraged to fly their flags.

Seven people are still confirmed dead from the bombing in Oslo. The mayor’s office has informed that at least 90 people are injured after the Oslo attack.

The accused is charged under penal code §147a and is facing 21 years in prison. This is considered an act of terrorism and it is the most severe penalty clause the police have at their disposal.

The police are now asking people to come forward with pictures and video footage from the attacks to clarify what has happened.

We have now combined the shooting and bombing posts into one post.  Please refer to this new post for the latest updates: TERRORIST ATTACK IN NORWAY: OSLO BOMBING AND UTØYA SHOOTINGS

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