Unbeknown to me since last week, we have a public ski track on our farm.  I saw a strange plow just in our fence making a track.  Just before I was about to run out and stop the plow with a blockade of me, myself and I, Moose said ‘Oh, yeah.  We have a ski track that goes through the farm up to the ski jump.’

It’s not that I’m hasty about these things but in the past I’ve caught a number of people trespassing on our farm doing bad things.  I’ve caught children jumping into rabbit pens and chasing chickens, and before Christmas I caught someone burning rubbish in one of our paddocks.  He took off when I drove up our driveway.  If I had of known then that it was illegal to burn rubbish or even start a fire in the dark season I would have blocked the guy in and made him run.  Call me crazy – I did take a picture of the evidence.

The fire had just gotten started when I caught him but the worst thing was he had the gaul to take off and leave it burning.

Living on a farm so close to civilization means you have to get accustomed to certain ‘domestic’ disturbances.  It just means we have to become real farmers and know our land so well that even if a tree is missing we will find out.

But for now, I don’t mind having the ski track on our farm (not that we have a say either).  It keeps families and children off the icy road at least and it will sure come in handy when we go sledding with the kids.

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