Løvbiff is exactly that – a beef patty squished flat as a pancake it looks like a leaf.  It is considered roadhouse or take away  food and can also be bought frozen at the supermarket.

The patty is cooked from frozen in 2mins in a fry pan.  It shrinks dramatically so you shouldn’t get all excited about its frozen size.  They are popular for BBQs because they are so quick to cook.

Mix up some powdered potato and bearnaise sauce and you have a hot meal in just minutes.  Of course it isn’t the most healthiest meal, but I’ve been very busy with end-of-year Christmas performances, rehearsing my dance kids, so something so quick is very handy.

Since we don’t have any take way stores in Alta, (except for pizza and gas station food) this little meal can be a take away from home.

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