At this special time of year we are happy to share the Norwegian Christmas with you. We hope you will celebrate with us by having a little bit of Norway in your Christmas.

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Christmas Food and Recipes

Boller (Conventional Recipe) (post)
Christmas Treats
Lutefisk (post)
Pepperkaker (Gingerbread)
Pinnekjøtt (post)
Christmas Ribbe (post)
Norwegian Roast Rib (post)
Smultringer (post)
Kakao – Home-made Hot Chocolate
Julekake or Julebrød (post)
Home-made Julebrød (post)
Farmor’s Pepperkaker
Gravy for Christmas (post)
Kransekaker Recipe (post)
Pepperkake Christmas Tree (post)
Family Dinners at Christmas (post)
Julepølser (post)
Christmas in the Fridge (post)

Seven Sorts: Traditional Norwegian Christmas Cookies
– Pepperkaker (Gingerbread)
– Ingærnøtter (Ginger nuts)
– Fattigmann (Poor Man)
– Krumkake (Curved Cake)
– Kokosmakroner (Coconut Macaroons)
– Goro
– Tykklefse
– Hjortetakk
– Sandkake (Sand Cake)
– Sirupsnapper (Syrup Snaps)

Old Norwegian Recipe Series (continuous)

The First Norwegian Cook Book (post)
Old Norwegian Gløgg Recipes (post)
Old Norwegian Egg nog Recipe (post)

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Elves: nisse (post)
Julenisse – Decorative Christmas Elves (post)
Christmas Eve
Decorating Pepperkaker
Christmas Calendar Show
Sølvguttene (Olso Boys Choir)
Christmas Star (post)
Ringing of the Church Bells
Norwegian Christmas Decorating (post)
Carolling (post & video)

Christmas Celebrations

A Norwegian Christmas (post)
Advent Season (post)
Saint Lucia Day (post)
Lighting of the Christmas Tree in Tromsø (post & video)
Nisse Parties (post)
What to Give a Norwegian for Christmas (post)

Christmas Activities in Oslo

Oslo Christmas Market
Christmas on Karl Johans gate

Christmas Activities in Tromsø

Market Square
Waffle Stalls
Santa Parade
Christmas Market
Christmas Concerts
Nissehelg at Berg

Christmas Carols

The Great Star
There is Light in Quiet Villages
My Heart Always Lingers
A Star Shines Tonight
Advent Song
In the Barn Sits the Elf
The Norwegian 20 Days of Christmas

Christmas Trees

Tree Decorations
A Christmas Tree Gift for the United Kingdom
Dancing and Songs
The Lighting of the Christmas Tree (post)
Lighting of the Christmas Tree in Tromsø (post & video)

The Christmas Weather and Climate

Darkest Day
The Road Home
It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
Tromsø in December
Christmas with the Northern Lights
How to Survive the Dark Winters
Saturday in the City – City Lights

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