I never thought there would be so much chocolate in Norway.  But I guess it is quite fitting – Norwegians love cream, sugar, jelly and crispy rice so what better way to eat them than with chocolate?

Here are some of the most common ‘Norwegian’ chocolate bars in Norway with an outlanders review:


Toppris (top rice) – milk chocolate filled with crispy rice and toffee.  This chocolate bar made by Freia is quite pretty.  The crispy rice creates a crunchy shell before a soft buttery ‘fudge’ toffee.  The toffee has a deep, almost burnt sugar, flavour.  Even though the packet says ‘milk chocolate’, around the toffee is a thin layer of dark chocolate.  I have no idea why – maybe to keep the toffee together so the crispy rice can wrap it better?  If you like caramel fudge and rice crispies go for this chocolate bar.


Gullbrød (gold bread) – marzipan covered with dark chocolate.  This chocolate bar has no surprises.  It is really for people who love marzipan.  It has a hearty slab of the almond paste with a shiny coating of dark chocolate.  The marzipan is a little more dry than usual and less sugary which makes it easier to swallow.  It looks better eaten with the wrapper still on.  If you like eating the leftover marzipan from your bløtkaker then you will love this chocolate bar.


Cuba – nougat with crispy toasted almonds covered in milk chocolate.  This is a favourite of a friend of ours so I was very eager to try this one.  The Cuba looks like a cigar (I’m guessing a Cuban?) and has two wrappings: a red plastic outer layer and a yellow tinsel to take you back to the days of Willy Wonka.  The chopped almonds float in the middle of chocolate truffle (chocolate with extra cream to keep it soft and smooth) which is then encased with a harder chocolate.  My only disappointment is that the chocolate bar is too small – before you know it you’re at the end.  If you like velvet chocolate with a crunch then this is the bar for you.


Kvikk Lunsj – wafer biscuit covered in chocolate.  This bar is the Norwegian version of the Kit-Kat.  It has thin wafer fingers stacked together with a coating of chocolate.  You get four fingers in a pack or you can super-size and go for one big chunker finger.  These are the cheapest bars in the store and are profiled as a hiking or skiing chocolate.  If you just need a small chocolate fix the Kvikk Lunsj will be for you.


Troika – marzipan, truffle and jelly covered in dark chocolate.  This chocolate bar is considered the finest, almost decadent, in Norway.  It has three layers – marzipan, milk chocolate truffle and a raspberry jelly – wrapped in dark chocolate.  The name ‘Troika’ is actually a Russian word meaning ‘three’ – for the three layers.  This bar has been the inspiration for Troika cheese cake, Troika slice and our very own Troika Cake.  If you like rocky road or trifle you will love this complex chocolate bar.


Daim – milk chocolate with a crunchy almond-caramel centre.  This bar is very simple.  The centre is similar to a butterscotch brittle.  It is not as crunchy as they make out as there is a lot of butter in the mix which makes it smooth.  The milk chocolate coating compliments it well.  The bar is very thin and can be packed as bite size pieces.  This bar is more popular when used in milkshakes, cheese cakes or mixed into ice cream.  If you like butterscotch or peanut brittle without the peanuts this is the bar or you.


Hobby – soft light foam with banana jelly covered in milk chocolate.  This two layer chocolate bar is a little peculiar.  The foam (or marshmallow) is quite spongy but the banana jelly is a little crystallised.  The crunch and cushion effect feels a little odd to eat.  The milk chocolate is certainly needed to balance the bars texture and flavour.  If you like tropical favourites with your chocolate then you should get a Hobby. ;D


Japp – milk chocolate filled with cocoa meringue and soft caramel.  This chocolate bar (pronounced ‘yahp’) is the Norwegian version of the Mars Bar.  I haven’t actually seen Mars Bars in Norway (yet).  The bar is very heavy and dense and you get a lot for your money.  The caramel is sticky and doesn’t flow but has a nice light flavour.  The ‘cocoa meringue’ is actually a heavy ‘milky way’.  It’s thicker and darker than a Mars Bar.  The chocolate coating is thin for this type of bar which makes the inside layers the feature.  I you are really hanking for a Mars Bar this is the best you are going to get in Norway.


This chocolate tasting review was gladly brought to you by the chocoholics from My Little Norway.  Happy drooling!

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