These are the days of the midnight sun.  The mountains are so high that sunrise is mimicked each morning.  The city lays dark but the sky is bright.  The sun makes it’s climb over the Alps in the east.


Everything is so still, so quiet, but there is so much happening all around me that I can’t stop turning and turning to see every piece of the morning.  Waiting for the light to touch the city is almost agonising and yet I hoped this moment would last forever.


Standing on the dock alone I was filled with excitement and wished my family could be with me to have this moment too.  But alas, it was all mine to have and to hold.  What seemed like and eternity and a moment too soon – the sun peeked over Blåtind (Blue mountain).  The darkness fell from the city and into the fjord.  And was soon scared away from the water.

This moment is still in my being, and as there are no words on earth that can adequately describe this experience, I am doomed to relive the ‘awe’ only in my memories.


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