Norway is known to be a small country but when you are in the middle of nowhere it can seem very vast. We often stop at this halfway point when driving to Alta. The snow makes everything so quiet and still. Sometimes I have a reality-check: “Hey, I’m in Norway, above the Arctic Circle, on top of a snowy mountain.”

Even though this is definitely nowhere, the road still manages to get ploughed. The orange sticks are a guide for Mr Plow and whenever heavy snow falls, the roads are magically cleared for the morning traffic. I’ve never actually seen Mr Plow up in the mountains, so I can’t say for sure it is really him. Maybe it’s the mountain trolls who clear away the snow to make our journey safe and smooth?

However, even though the road looks desolate, there is always something beautiful waiting for us around the corner. Just a couple of hundred metres up the road the whiteness clears to a majestic view. Even with the darkest clouds, the view is still tranquil and inspiring. People often talk about how beautiful the dark winters are in Norway, but the light winter also has something to sing about.

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