We stopped off at the CISV stall for some happy conversation and scrumy waffles. The waffle mixture is pre-made and put into soft drink bottles for easy pouring.

Most waffle-makers have five heart patterns that join in the middle, common Norwegian waffle design. This way you can either keep your waffle whole and just fold it over (as Norwegian waffles are soft) or break it up into the smaller bite-size hearts pieces.

Normally stalls provide just jam and sour cream but this time we hit the jackpot! There was home-made strawberry jam, sour cream, whipped cream, brown cheese and special home-made crowberry cordial. It was like a little smorgasbord of goodies!

The waffles were very cheap too – only 10 kroner. (Normally they are 15-20 kroner in the shops.) Waffles stalls are just one of the many benefits of shopping in the city.


(This is the second post in a four part series of Saturday in the City in Tromsø. The first post is Saturday in the City: City Lights.)

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