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Nobel Peace Prize

On the 10th of December every year an award ceremony is held at the Nobel Institute in Oslo, Norway, for the Nobel Peace Prize. The prize is awarded by the Nobel Committee and is given in the presence of the Norwegian King and other prominent world leaders. The Nobel Peace Prize has always been shrouded […]

Nidaros Cathedral and the Archbishop’s Palace

Nidarosdomen – Nidaros Cathedral Nidaros Cathedral is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Norway. It boasts a textured Medieval history that began with the adventures of St Olav, the fierce Viking who was converted to Christianity and became King of Norway. The Cathedral has been under construction from the early ten hundreds and […]

There lives a troll in Senja…

In a land full of mountains, great trees and many waters, legends of mystical creatures echo throughout the landscape. It seems that in every valley, on every hilltop, or in every cave, there is a troll waiting to be found. Huldra, the elfin sirens of the forest, either bless you or curse you with their […]

Across the Finnish Line

Norwegians are known for being rather loud. At least when they are outside the state of Norway and in the state of intoxication. Within our own borders we are relatively well-behaved, which is funny since our unarmed police force rarely pose a bigger threat to drunken troublemakers than a night in the holding cell and […]

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