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Sommarøy: Tromsø’s Best West

Summer Island is a beautiful little coastal town in Tromsø’s west. It’s one of my most favourite hideaways as the ocean views are spectacular. Because of the coastal weather the panoramas change constantly in colour and atmosphere. Every visit brings a new perspective of the beauty and majesty of Tromsø’s best kept secret. Sommarøy is […]

First Midnight Sun of 2010

Officially the first night of the Midnight Sun in Tromsø is 20th of May.  However, the residents since, at least, the Iron Age have counted it from when the sun can still be seen over the mountains to the north, which is about the 23rd of May.  However, if the sky is cloudy and the […]

17th May Parade Day

Norwegian Constitution Day is celebrated by a series of parades. In these parades it is the people who are in focus as they march on Norway’s ‘birthday’. There are so many happenings, things to see and do, on this day. In this video you will see a slice of what a 17th May parade day […]

May Celebrations in Tromsø 2010

I’m always amazed at how many people show up to 17 May celebrations.  With all of us squished into our little Storgata it is a wonder how any parade gets through. The Russ never fail to please with their bright red cars and wacky sense of humour.  It rather resembles a pride parade than a […]

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