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Family Ties

When you and your partner become new parents, and your parents and your partner’s parents become new grandparents, you don’t have to only choose an appropriate name for the baby (that makes everyone happy) but you also have to work out the names of the grandparents.  I’ve been in this situation in Australia with my […]

Fårikål with Curry

This is an ‘Indian’ Fårikål with a little curry spice.  I miss all the great Indian restaurants of Brick Lane in London and so this brought back good memories of hot curries with warm hospitality on cold, miserable London days.  This new curry version worked perfectly with the classic Fårikål flavour. Fårikål with Curry Serves […]

Fårikål with Ginger and Chili

This Asian-Style Fårikål came to me when I was wondering what to do with the rest of our chilli.  We always enjoy home-made Asian dishes and it suddenly dawned on me that everything you find in an Asian lamb noodle soup can be used in Fårikål – bar the noodles, of course.  So this new […]

Singing in the Rain: Norwegian Folk Version

One day the weather girl must have been really bored:  Eli Kari Gjengedal is the weather presenter for TV2 in Norway. As this was a special day – it rained all over Norway – she sang the weather to us for the entire country including the sponsor message at the end, just to cheers us […]

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