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Nissehelg at Berg

Berg is just outside of Tromsø on the mainland.  It is a farming area and every year the community gets together and puts on an event for us city-goers.  The Nissehelg (Elf Weekend) is now a tradition and every year we go out and brave the cold (and darkness) to visit the fjøsnisser (barn elves). […]


Carolling isn’t something Australians are used to.  There is just something not quite right with wearing thongs (flip-flops) and shorts in the scorching heat singing ‘Dashing through the snow…’.  Carolling in Norway just makes sense. In Norway, it is our family’s tradition to go carolling on Christmas Eve.  I thought it would be awfully freezing […]

Family Dinners at Christmas

You’d think that Christmas dinner is either on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, however, in a land where juletid is recognised from December to January (thanks to the Vikings), Christmas dinner is literally an every day occurrence. The most popular Christmas dinners, lutefisk, pinnekjøtt, ribbe, julepølser and medisterkaker, are eaten throughout the whole of mørketid (dark […]

Norwegian Roast Rib

Christmas Rib isn’t just for Christmas dinner but the whole Christmas season.  Likewise with the other traditional dishes lutefisk and pinnekjøtt.  Roast rib eating can start as early as November, in fact, you can buy rib all year round from the frozen section of the supermarket.  But fresh rib is typical for Christmas. Norwegians have […]

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