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Traditional New Years Dinner

Turkeys aren’t native to Norway so it is peculiar to me that a roast turkey dinner for New Years Eve is a tradition.  (I guess if rice can become tradition, as in rice porridge, why not turkey too?)  All the normal Christmas trimmings are included (because at New Years, Christmas is only half over in […]

The Cake is in the Mail

Every other month we get a cake in the mail, Christmas is no exception.  It can be carrot cake, chocolate cake, fruit cake and for Christmas we got a Finnish spice cake.  The cakes are always home-made, of course, with a pinch of love from Farmor.  She wraps the cake in tin foil and then […]

Oslo Christmas Market

Every juletid Oslo puts on a Christmas market by the docks out front of the Oslo Town Hall.  It is mainly for tourists but I’m sure there is an Odd Norwegian around, or two. During the day the place looks like a construction site but at night the lights make it look like a fairy-tale […]


There are probably no other Christmas foods in Norway that cause such a division as lutefisk. You either love it or hate it, praise it or ridicule it. But like it or not, it’s here to stay. Norwegians consume close to 3000 tons of lutefisk each year! Lutefisk is made from stockfish (air-dried fish) that […]

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