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The Bus from Alta to Tromsø in February

Sometimes we prefer to take the bus back home to Tromsø rather than fly.  The bus ride is about six hours but it means we get to look at the scenery, have a snooze, eat, ride on the ferries and spend some time playing with the kids. The seasons are very dramatic in Norway and […]

Tromsø Island Sunset

It was a race against time.  Sunset was at 1:17pm.  This was our only chance to catch the last sunset of the year.  The last day of sun is Sunday but work, school, travel and a cloudy week was going to get in the way.  It had to be today.  To get the perfect shot […]

Southern Sunset: Vista

The South shore of Tromsø Island.  The mountains, the rocky sand and the cold water.  I’m jealous of the little red boat shed as it has the best location.  In the distance the Hurtigruta liner is sailing in from Finnsnes. This is the last of our collection of photographs from this 7th of November sunset […]

Southern Sunset: Tromsø Palm

The Tromsø Palm is beautiful but deadly.  It stands strong and high, and dominates roadsides, gullies, creek banks and backyards.  It changes dramatically from Spring to Winter – an alluring plant to photograph. Tromsø Palm in: Spring, Autumn, Winter The plant’s sap is poisonous to the touch.  One can suffer an array of ailments from […]

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