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Sommarøy: Tromsø’s Best West

Summer Island is a beautiful little coastal town in Tromsø’s west. It’s one of my most favourite hideaways as the ocean views are spectacular. Because of the coastal weather the panoramas change constantly in colour and atmosphere. Every visit brings a new perspective of the beauty and majesty of Tromsø’s best kept secret. Sommarøy is […]

All Wimbledon and No Tennis

This week on NRK2 (the state public channel in Norway) Wimbledon has been on every night.  This might seem normal to any tennis playing country but in Norway there aren’t any tennis courts! No short grass fields with painted lines, no red clay to colour the landscape.  Why are there no tennis courts in Norway?  […]

Komsa Mountain – Alta’s Highpoint

Alta’s highpoint is Komsa Mountain.  It may not compete in height or size with Bergen’s Seven Mountains or Tromsø’s Mount Storsteinen – well, in fact, in the post There is a Hill in Alta I thought Komsa was… you guessed it – a hill!  but apparently standing 203 metres above sea level still classifies it […]

Reindeer Racing and the Sami Easter Festival

The Sami Easter festival has something for everyone.  Not only can you get up close and personal with the reindeer but there is a whole array of activities that showcase Sami life and culture.  The festival also includes the Reindeer Racing World Cup, the Sami Film Festival (which is held in an ice-cinema), the Sami […]

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