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Bull Horns

The Bull Horns, or Okshornan in Norwegian, is a mountain formation jutting out from the Senja Island coastline.  It is obvious that the mountains get their name from their shape as they are very sharp.  It looks like they are just one row but they are actually made up of layers and layers of rock. […]

Sticks and Stones of Mefjordvær

Mefjordvær is a little fishing village on north-west Senja. It boasts a panoramic view of a mountain wall that plunges into the ocean. Mefjordvær has medieval church history and wooden artefacts that resemble St Olav which are kept at Oslo University. Ten points if you can guess what the poles are for! Updated 18/11/08 Good […]

There lives a troll in Senja…

In a land full of mountains, great trees and many waters, legends of mystical creatures echo throughout the landscape. It seems that in every valley, on every hilltop, or in every cave, there is a troll waiting to be found. Huldra, the elfin sirens of the forest, either bless you or curse you with their […]

Senjahopen View on Senja Island

As we rounded the mountain towards Senjahopen on Senja island we were presented with a beautiful introduction to this little coastal town. We had to stop so I could take this picture (and so Moose could answer the call to nature.) 😉

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