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Southern Sunset: Row Boat

This cute wooden row boat has become a feature of the landscape.  It is always sitting in the same place.  I know it gets used in the fjord but I have never seen it floating on the water, only sitting on the beach.  Soon the ice will come and freeze itself onto the boat.  It […]

Southern Sunset: The Mountains

Like every year, the first snow has melted away in the city.  Its like a pre-wash – washing all the dust and dirt away in preparation for the Winter snow.  But the first snow always stays on the mountains.  When the wind blows over them it becomes chilly in the city below.  This first snow […]

The Norwegian Sense of Nature

The seasons in Norway are very dramatic. When it snows you get real snow. When it shines the sun is so bright you have to wear sunglasses. Norwegians are used to living from one extreme into another and I think I know their secret. Norwegians are fearless about weather.  Come rain, snow or shine, they […]

Southern Sunset

We were meeting friends in the city but were unusually early.  So to pass some time we thought to drive to the south tip of the island to watch the 2:30pm sunset.  It was beautiful.  Throughout Autumn the sunsets move from the West to the South, to the East and eventually disappear.  The more the […]

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