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Just Dropping By

Each autumn our farm becomes a major layover-stop for hungry and weary travelers as large flocks of greylag geese migrate south for the winter. These large birds seem to have made it a tradition to use our field as their roadside diner. This morning, several hundred of them had landed for a rest and to […]

Norwegian Easter Traditions

Easter in Norway is a time of renewing.  Spring is in the air and the sun has returned.  New life creeps into the landscape, homes are redecorated with Summer colours and Norwegians enjoy the outdoors with snow activities.  This time of year marks the end of the long Winter. Symbols of Easter Chickens and eggs […]

Cloud Berries

Cloud berries are called ‘molter’ in Norwegian.  They are little puffs of fruity-flesh, similar to raspberries, with a sweet and sour tang.  Usually eaten with just whipped cream, they can also be used with cakes, on bread, and as a jam. Cloud berries are found in swamp areas in Northern Scandinavia.  They are not farmed, […]

Yellow Memories

This tree on the farm was my favourite.  During the Summer, squirrels played in its branches.  In the Winter the branches collected the falling snow.  In the Autumn the leaves turned a magnificent yellow. But as the seasons change, so do farms.  The tree was gone when we visited last Autumn.  It will be missed but […]

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