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The Blue-legged Ice-stomper

This is a very rare bird indeed!  Native to the southern regions of Australia, this little bird has been known to migrate North to Arctic Norway.  It’s insulated feet are heavy enough to crack through thin road-ice and its red feathers help the bird to be seen by motorist therefore avoiding ending up as ‘road-kill’. […]

Friend or Foe?

It seems we have a little problem in Tromsø.  In Summer, residents have to play dodgems with the local seagulls.  To me seagulls are like pigeons – just add water and they become the flying rats of the sea.  However, in Norway they have the biggest seagulls I’ve every seen – the Great Black-Backed Gull […]

Seagull Eggs and Beer

seagull-eggs Traditional Norwegian cuisine is based on natural resources.

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