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Norwegian Name Days

Name Days are a calendar of names. These calendars generally have two names associated to each day of the year. Name Day calendars first appeared in Medieval times, created by the Catholic Church to replace the pagan celebration of birthdays. Back then the days of the year were named after Catholic Saints and Martyrs known […]

Flag of Norway

The flags of Norway developed from the age of the Vikings.  A raven banner was flown by many Viking chieftains from the ninth century and was often used as ‘weather-vanes’ (a kind-of weather compass to show the direction of the wind) on Viking Longships. In Old Norse the raven was a popular symbol and represented […]

Norwegian Elf: Nisse

The Barn Elf (Fjøsnissen) is a creature from Scandinavian folklore. He was often described as a short man, “no bigger than a horse’s head”, wearing grey clothes, knickerbockers and a red hat similar to what Norwegian farmers would wear. As the name suggests, the Fjøsnisse lived in the barn. Of course, he was so shy […]

How to Survive the Dark Winters

winterblue.jpgHow do you like the darkness?

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