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Midsummer Fishing in Alta

Midsummer’s Eve is a big deal in Norway.  The day is to celebrate the brightest day of the year.  People go camping or have BBQs at the beach.  Midsummer’s Eve is about enjoying the endless sunshine. However, in Alta, shops close early, people leave work before time and the city becomes like a ghost town […]

From the South of Nid

The Nid river flows through the heart of Trondheim.  It bends round the famous Nidaros Cathedral and forms a natural moat around the city.  The river has kept its name since the Viking Age and is mentioned in prominant sagas such as Snorre Sturlason’s Heimskringla or The Lives of the Norse Kings where St Olav built […]

Spring Waters

Spring is very different here in Norway.  Instead of blossoming flowers and bright sun it is the time the thick Winter snow melts and the clouds try hard to replenish it.  Eventually the clouds give up to make way for Summer but usually not until the end of May. Even though the green has yet […]


Tverrelva is a river that runs along the farm.  In the Winter it is white, covered with snow and ice.  In the Spring it is raging from the snow melting on the mountains.  In the Summer it is alive with salmon jumping up it’s waterfalls.  And in Autumn it is calm and reflects the golden […]

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