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Chocolate Boller

There is something about the country that just makes you want to bake.  Since moving to the farm, home-made Chocolate boller have become our thing.  All we use is our simple boller recipe with (big) bits of dark chocolate thrown in. These boller are always best straight out of the oven when the chocolate is still […]

Finnbiff or Reindeer Stew

Reindeer is synonymous with Sami culture and life but the Norsemen have certainly cottoned onto the goodness of reindeer cuisine. This rustic meal is perfect for cold Winter nights and packs you with energy for the next day of playing in the snow.

Norwegian Christmas Traditions and Food

Juletid (Christmas time) is a celebration of traditions and family in Norway. With the fall of winter snow and the wonderful displays of Northern Lights, Norwegians sit round their fire places, dance around the Christmas tree, enjoy rich food and share julefryd (Christmas cheer) with family, friends and in their communities. At this special time […]

Family Dinners at Christmas

You’d think that Christmas dinner is either on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, however, in a land where juletid is recognised from December to January (thanks to the Vikings), Christmas dinner is literally an every day occurrence. The most popular Christmas dinners, lutefisk, pinnekjøtt, ribbe, julepølser and medisterkaker, are eaten throughout the whole of mørketid (dark […]

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