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A Norwegian Christmas

christmas-candle.jpgNorway enters the Christmas season early.

Dance Day

Dance Day (or Dansens Dag in Norwegian) is celebrated all over Norway.  Every year Norway joins with the rest of the world to promote dance on International Dance Day, 29th April.  However, Norwegians love dancing so much that the closest weekend is also included and so we get to have a whole week of dancing […]

How to Make Christmas Baskets

Please visit our updated post Norwegian Christmas Heart Baskets with three different easy-to-make baskets complete with instructions and pictures. Before Christmas our friends get together and have a decoration party. We pool together all our crafty-stuff, paper, toilet rolls, egg cartons, pictures, pine cones, and lots of glue and glitter. We play Christmas music as […]

Salsa is Hot in Norway

Norwegians love to social dance. I am often amazed at how many dance places there are in big cities, country towns and even coastal villages. Norway has its own traditional dance that involves a short man in a suit kicking a hat out of a maiden’s hand who is standing above him on a chair […]

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