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How Vikings Changed the English Language: Great Vowel Shift

When you look at Norwegian words and English words they are very similar.  In fact, you can often make out what a Norwegian word is by the way it looks, however, the sounds can be quiet different. One of the major changes that occurred to the English language is known as the Great Vowel Shift. […]

Germanic Language Videos

One of our readers has directed me to a great resource for my study of the effects of Norwegian on the English language – a series of videos on YouTube by the scholar Alexander Arguelles.  The videos present an interesting overview of the Germanic language, and as Norwegian is one of the languages in the Germanic […]

How Vikings Changed the English Language: Spelling

I always hear, from Norwegians, Brazilians, Chinese – everyone – that English is very hard to learn.  They say it is because English is notorious for breaking all the rules.  For example: why does ‘heard’ and ‘beard’ have different vowel sounds when they have the same ending ‘-eard’?  Same with ‘great’, ‘treat’ and ‘threat’?  There […]

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