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A Brain Like Siv

After class I was chatting with some friends.  I was invited to a dance party.  I grabbed out my phone and said with my Australian laziness ‘Better write this down, have a brain like sieve’.  An awkward moment passed and I suddenly realised the girl right next to me was called Siv.  I quickly laughed […]

How Vikings Changed the English Language: Morphology

Morphology is the study of words.  How words are structured, patterned and evolve tell us a lot about who influenced what language.  In How Vikings Changed the English Language: Spelling we discussed how words were spelt in Old English and Norse – phonetically.  However, as English went through the Great Vowel Shift English spelling was […]

Stop or I’ll Shoot

When travelling in Norway it is important to know danger signs.  This is one of them: FARE SKYTEFELT means ‘shooting range’.  These can be found scattered throughout long stretches of land along highways.  They are army practice areas.  Hang on – bullets can’t read!  How do they know to stop before the sign?  Heaven forbid […]

Parenting In Norway – A Bilingual Family

I never thought I would have a bilingual family. Language is never an issue when you marry one of your own countrymen. However, I married a Norwegian, and so language has become an everyday battle in my family’s life. When raising children in a bilingual family you need to decide how you are going to […]

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