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First Polar Night

At 11:30 am, high-noon, we watched from our favourite jetty as the sun tried to peak over the horizon one last time… it didn’t quite make it. Today we entered the realm of the polar night.

Tromsø in High Summer

A picture taken to the west from a walking track on the hill in the centre on Tromsø island. Tromsø in high summer is beautiful and warm. The sun is mature and the colours deep. It is easy to forget that all this turns into a winter wonderland.

Sledding in the Snow

Sledding is a favourite past time for kids, big and small. All you need is a bit of plastic so you can slip and slide down any snowy hill. Nowadays you can get groovy ‘air dynamic’ sleds complete with steering and breaks – some even have bike seats and are propped up on plastic skis. […]

Salsa is Hot in Norway

Norwegians love to social dance. I am often amazed at how many dance places there are in big cities, country towns and even coastal villages. Norway has its own traditional dance that involves a short man in a suit kicking a hat out of a maiden’s hand who is standing above him on a chair […]

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