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Crossing Ferries

Ferry crossings are everywhere in Norway.  It is sometimes just easier to boat around the mountain than build a  through it.  Some crossings are time-savers so you don’t have to drive in and out of fjords, and others are a link to the outside world. The Fosen ferry route between Flakk and Rørvik is very […]

Easter Eggs

In Norway it is the chicken that is the symbol of Easter and the Easter egg the traditional treat.   The eggs themselves, made of paper or cardboard, are a fairly new tradition and are specifically for wrapping Easter sweets.  They are brightly decorated and come in many different sizes – normal to huge.  Smågodt, […]

Winter Survival: Staying Warm

The Sun is back, but “King Winter” is not about to loosen his grip on Norway just yet. This February has been one of the coldest in decades, so I thought this is a good time to share some personal experience on how to deal with the cold weather when you venture outside. Dress up! […]

I’ll Be Away

‘I’ll be away’ is starting to be a pain.  I’m organising a festival at the moment and to make a festival happen you need people, lots of people.  However, this time of year is the ‘I’ll be away’ season.  Spain, Brazil, Thailand, Africa, Sweden and France are just some of the places my friends, family […]

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