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Having A Baby In Norway – Big for Dates

In the last 1000 years in Norway, it was common for Norsemen to have hordes of kids.  This was largely due to the survival rate but also the more kids, the more farmhands you had working.   These days it is most common for Norwegian families to only have two kids.  Because of this, Norwegian […]

All Wimbledon and No Tennis

This week on NRK2 (the state public channel in Norway) Wimbledon has been on every night.  This might seem normal to any tennis playing country but in Norway there aren’t any tennis courts! No short grass fields with painted lines, no red clay to colour the landscape.  Why are there no tennis courts in Norway?  […]

Norwegian Name Days

Name Days are a calendar of names. These calendars generally have two names associated to each day of the year. Name Day calendars first appeared in Medieval times, created by the Catholic Church to replace the pagan celebration of birthdays. Back then the days of the year were named after Catholic Saints and Martyrs known […]

Norwegian Prime Minister on Google Ads

When searching through some Norwegian websites I ‘stumbled’ across this ad.  It struck me as a very odd thing for a Polly to do – actually, a bit tacky.  A take off from the Bob Dylan video Subterranean Homesick Blues doesn’t seem as fitting when the party using it is mostly red!  There he was […]

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