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Eight is Enough

I love moose!  I’m talking about the majestic wildebeests of the Arctic. (Of course, my better-half isn’t half bad either).  More than any other animal I see in the wild, I get excited at the slightest glimpse of a moose.  Tigers, elephants, kangaroos or geese just don’t do if for me.  So you can imagine […]

Norwegian Wild Food

Food is very important in Norwegian culture, a proud part of their identity, however, food connoisseurs in Europe have always thought the Nordic countries lack quality and sophistication in their cuisine.  (Finland is always picked for the worst cuisine in Europe every year.) I find that the ideas behind food in Norway is very different […]

Norwegian Sausage Stall

Norwegians love sausages – nearly anything that has meat on it becomes a sausage in Norway. Horse, moose and reindeer can all be found minced, dried and wrapped in plastic. Even though smoking and curing were originally just a way to preserve meat for the long winters, the ‘spekepølse’ is now a choice deli product. […]

Meet the Moose

I have fallen in love. Moose are the most gentlest creatures. I got up close and personal with one for the first time last week at our family trip to the Polar Zoo in Bardu. The moose is called Elk in Europe and Elg in Norway – but i like ‘moose’ best. Their average height […]

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